Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What colour shoes should i wear with this dress? I have cream round toe ones that are that good? colour shoes should i wear with this dress? I have cream round toe ones that are that good?
yes that would be niceWhat colour shoes should i wear with this dress? I have cream round toe ones that are that good?
I reckon so - or pink ones. Flat or Heels? Either would look ok
Round cream ones...that's great. You can also try light pink high heels.That would look so kute.
You could wear flat shoes which are pink or orange or both.
I would recommend purple sandals (maching the purple on your drees, so they pick up the color) with just a small opening showing your toe, and white handbag. Dark purple eye make up. I wouldn't suggest you to wear red shoes as that is the main color of the dress. If you won't be abble to find the sandals, then wear your cream shoes with pink/light purple handbag and brown to orange and dark purple eye make up.

Good luck!
Yeah they sound good... or any flat pumps that are pinky coloured!
Shoes must be darker than the skirt.
Yes, cream ones will be great with them.
I think cream or black ones would look best.
Think it would look fine
Yes. Or white strappy sandals.
you should wear it
i'd go a bit bolder, maybe red, its a real summery dress so why dont you try the wedges that tie up around the shins? Could really flatter the dress x
Lovely.....go for red would really stand out.
delicate white ones
It doesn't look like there is any cream in the dress,so I would wear white or red,its a lovely dress though.
Depends what the occasion is if its casual then some stylish Flip Flops or Sandal's would be nice.
yea that maybe good or you could try some nice red ones that would look really nice
yup, they're matching the dress
Is there white or cream in the dress?

If white, then I would wear white shoes, same goes for cream.

A cute way of jazzing up the outfit would be to wear black or white 3/4 length leggins with flat red dolly ballet shoes, and if you're going somewhere casual, an either short or long-sleeved white or black t-shirt underneath.
white is the best out of all the colour or matches they will ever be mix white with any thing at any time of the day and you will always get good results 100% satisfaction. for any occassion eating out,parties, business, clubbing and every occassion white is the best. it gives the bestaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.
yes cream shoes will look lovely with your dress have a great time an there is cream in your dress .
pretty red shoes will look nice xx
I would wear flat ballet pumps, in either white or red. The cream would work really well though. There are some really cute ones in New Look, with elastic round the back, for only 拢20, they come in lots of colours!
they would be ok but why not go bolder and get a red pair.
red patent round toe platforms with a timber heel

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