Thursday, December 31, 2009

What color shoes to match this cream dress?;category%5Fname=dress%5Fdressy%26amp;product%5Fid=2060482950%26amp;Page=all

also, do you think this dress iis appropriate for a hs grad?

i just wanted something nice and simple since I graduate early afternoon. around 3 ish..What color shoes to match this cream dress?
i think that white %26amp; cream shoes are the best ........................................鈥?br>

go to google and type cream colored shoes there are many ..................What color shoes to match this cream dress?
i like Lace Overlay Shift Dress, i think this dress so great.if you put on it, i think is so pretty.

Amazing stianless steel fashion jewelry-%26gt;
umm im guna to have to say white or something around that colour.
Its a really pretty dress! I would wear cream shoes or you could maybe get away with black or brown shoes!

Hope this helps!
Pink, light pink answer mine please鈥?/a>
AMAZING DRESS! um black, white or cream. i like these actually鈥?/a>
I would do black. It will stand out and look classy with that color dress.
if not cream, then i'd say light powdery colours, pink would look especially nice c:.

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